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Until D.A.Y Lands in Paris!

This is your time!

And once you take that plunge, we will be there every step of the way! Are you ready? Let's do this!


Our highly-trained team of personal Cosmetology instructors are ready and waiting to teach and hone your skills to prepare you for a successful career!


Our talented nail instructors are ready to push your creativity button and release the potential inside as you become an industry-leading Nail Technician!


Our team of professional Esthetician instructors are ready to teach you the science of skin care and the art of relaxation!


We are proud to offer both day and night classes to suit your schedule!


Total Tuition - Includes Kit and Books.


1500 Hours

Hair Color and Highlighting

Hair Cutting and Styling

Skin Care and Makeup

Manicuring and Pedicuring


Health and Safety

And More!....


Total Tuition - Includes Kit and Books.


750 Hours

Facials/Facials with Machines


Eyelash Lift and Tint

Skin Care and Makeup

Full Body Waxing

Health and Safety

And More!....


Total Tuition - Includes Kit and Books.


600 Hours



Artificial Nails

Nail Art

Skin and Nail Care

Health and Safety

And More!....


Requirements for enrolling with D.A.Y College of Cosmetology:

  • Students must be at least 16 years of age,

  • Students must have a high school diploma/GED/High School Transcript with completion of the 10th Grade.

  • Students must provide a copy of Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, and  Driver’s License.

  • Enrollment Fee of $100.00 Due at time of enrollment.

  • Passion and a smile! :)


It's a beautiful D.A.Y when a career and a passion come together! Meet the people that make that happen!

Amanda Cooper

CEO | Chief Instructor

Nina King

Lead Instructor

Penny Bromley

Nail Instructor

Lisa Graham

Esthetics Instructor

Lesley Crabtree

Cosmetology Jr. Instructor

Desiree Young

Office Manager

Haleigh Jackson

Cosmetology  Jr. Instructor

Tammy Calloway

Nail Jr. Instructor

Jennifer Phillips /  Current Student of D.A.Y College of Cosmetology

D.A.Y College Of Cosmetology is an excellent school. From the amazing and knowledgeable instructors to its excellent curriculum, this is the school to perfect your craft as a stylist. The instructors are very knowledgeable in their field, very hands-on, and show so much appreciation and compassion for their students. The atmosphere is welcoming and professional. I love attending this beauty school because it has opened my horizon to all styles and textures of hair. The owner is a part of everything down to teaching that sets this school apart from the others in many ways; her involvement and compassion for each student are like no other. She wants each person to succeed and be the best they can be. That's exactly what they do here, inspire you to be the best stylist you can be! I'm proud to be a student of this amazing school and who I now feel is family at D.A.Y College Of Cosmetology. Want to kick off your career as a cosmetologist? D.A.Y College Of Cosmetology school of beauty is one of the best hands down!!!


David Austin Young

What is D.A.Y?

Or rather, WHO is D.A.Y? The young man behind the name is David Austin Young. The son of Amanda Young, founder of D.A.Y College of Cosmetology. His life was tragically cut short in a fatal car accident on December 22, 2015. D.A.Y College is the result of a mother's journey from a horrific nightmare to a full blown testimony to her son's life. This......is that story.

Why we do what we do.

Amanda Young has been in the cosmetology industry since she joined McCollum and Ross "The Hair School" in 1994. She had just lost her 3 week old son Cody and was currently pregnant with Austin. She had always had a fascination with doing hair, and this was her chance. She quickly built a clientele and never looked back. Her passion was doing color and she became one of the most sought after colorists in the area. On December 22, 2015 though, her life would take a tragic turn when she lost her then 20 year old son to a car accident. Austin was a hard worker just like his mom and had gotten his dream car, an orange 1977 Chevrolet Corvette. His father, David Shane Young, had a matching car but in black. Austin has 2 brothers, Tristan Young and Kaleb Young, and to say that he was family oriented would be an understatement. 

Tragedy to Testimony

D.A.Y College, if you can believe it, started with a literal dream. Amongst the anguish from her son's untimely death, Amanda had a dream that she opened a hair school and that she named it after Austin. She initially passed it off as just another dream, but it sat on her heart pretty heavy after that. Once she decided to take the jump and go for it, she knew that what she wanted to set her school apart was taking the parts of her own education that were difficult and focusing on making them easier. She wanted a school that understood that everybody learns differently and that personal and hands on learning is vital. She wanted it to also be fun, so she implemented games into the curriculum. This helps keep you interested and offers a fun, different and very efficient tool for learning. Amanda thought that school could be something that you look forward to showing up to instead of a daily chore that you dread. She wanted a family and for every student to feel like they are part of that family. A school based on Christian morals and love. A school that once they graduate, the students would want to return and visit or even become instructors! She wanted to make a difference. She believed she could.....so she did.

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